Q:Do I need to have a reservation to visit?

No reservation is necessary to visit the shop and the bar counter.
Please make a reservation for the distillery tour.

Q:Is there an admission fee to access the Niseko Distillery?

Admission is free.

Q:Can I taste the whisky?

Niseko Distillery just started to make whisky recently, so that there is no matured whisky available.
Gin and other alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are available at the bar counter for a fee.
The distillery tour includes a taste of ‘new make’ spirits.

Q:When is the Niseko Distillery closed?

We are open all year round. However, due to the weather, we might change our business hours or close.
For details, please see the news on our website or call us.

Q:Do I need to make a reservation for the distillery tour?

Yes. It is necessary to make a reservation at least one day before you want to join the tour.
For reservation
No reservation is necessary to visit the shop and the bar counter.
Reservations for tours can be made up to one month in advance and as far in advance as two weeks from the day before the tour.

The tour schedule will be open on the 15th and the end of the month for two weeks.
・the 15th – 1st to 15th of next month
・the end of the month – 16th to last day of the month of next month  

Q:Is there a fee for the distillery tour?

The tour costs 1,000 yen.
Minors over 3 years old will also be charged 1,000 yen (tax included).

Q:Is there a minimum number of people required for the tour?

The tour can be conducted from 1 person and up to 8 people.

Q:Can a child join the tour?

Yes, a child can join the tour. However, it is a small facility with equipment that is very hot and that may have obstacles on the floor. Please keep an eye on your child so that they do not get injured.

Q:Does a child count towards the total number of people in our group?

Please count children over 3 years old.

Q:Will you be able to conduct the tour in English?

Yes, however, it depends on staff availability, so, if needed, please let us know as early as possible.

Q:Can I take pictures or record video during the tour?

You can take pictures and record video in the store and bar area. However, we ask you not to do so inside the production facility and during the tour.

Q:Can I make a same day reservation?

Unfortunately, we are not accepting same day reservations. Please make your reservation at least a day in advance.

Q:Can we visit as a group?

Niseko Distillery is a very small establishment. We ask you not to visit us with avehicle larger than a micro bus.

Q:What do I need to do if the number of people in my group changes?

Please make changes through the website. If the number of guests increases, we might not be able to accept (The maximum number of people that can be reserved at one time is 8 people in total).

Q:Can I visit with a wheelchair?

Yes, Niseko Distillery is wheelchair accessible. Please note:  there are some narrow spaces on the tour that are not wheelchair accessible.

Q:I would like to buy whisky or gin. Do I need to make a reservation?

There is no reservation needed to visit the store or the bar counter.

Q:Are there parking spaces?

Yes, there are parking spaces for 10 cars and they are free of charge.
We ask you not to visit with a vehicle larger than micro bus.
We will not serve alcoholic beverages to anyone driving a car, motorbike, or bicycle, a person under the age of 20, a pregnant person or a breastfeeding mother.

Q:Is there a shuttle bus available?

The Niseko Distillery does not have its own shuttle bus, but the town of Niseko has a bus service called “nikotto bus”. Please see the details here.
For more detail.

Q:Can I bring my pet to the distillery?

Since it is a beverage factory, for hygiene management, we ask our guests not to bring any animals. However, guide dogs are allowed to enter.

Q:Can I bring food and eat inside the distillery?

Since it is a facility that produces beverages, for hygiene management, we ask our guests not to bring any food from outside into the distillery.

Q:Is there a restaurant inside the distillery?

No, there is no restaurant in the Niseko Distillery. Please visit restaurants nearby.