Website Terms of Use

In order to use the websites (“Websites”) managed and operated by Niseko Distillery Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (“Companies”), users are required to read and accept the conditions set forth below (Terms of Use). The Terms of Use are subject to change without prior notice.


Copyrights and other rights related to Websites and individual texts, figures, designs, images, videos, trademarks, logo marks, and product names, etc., posted on Websites are owned by Companies or by the rights holders who have authorized Companies’ usage thereof. Some works may have authors other than Companies. The content of Websites may not be used, duplicated, reprinted, modified, or changed beyond the scope permitted by law such as private use unless permission is expressly given on Websites, or with the prior consent of Companies, the original copyright holder, and other rights holders.


Rights to brand names, logo marks, trademarks, and service marks posted on Websites belong to Companies, the original copyright holders, or other right holders, and cannot be used without right holders’ permission.


Although great care is taken at all times to ensure that information posted on Websites is current and accurate, Companies provide no warranty for the accuracy of posted information. Companies are not liable for any damage or loss arising to a customer from the use or the unavailability of use of information posted on Websites.

Companies are not responsible for damage or virus infection, etc., sustained by computers or other devices by accessing or downloading from, etc., Websites.

Companies may without prior notice change the content, suspend or discontinue the operation of Websites.


As a general rule, users are free to link to Websites without contacting Companies.
However, the following links are not permitted.

  • Links designed to display the content of Websites in a section of the frame
  • Links that display images or videos, etc., of Websites directly on the link’s source page
  • Links that may misrepresent the relationship between the link’s source site and Companies
  • Links from sites displaying illegal content or content offensive to public order and morals
  • Links established for illegal or improper purposes
  • Other links that may damage the credibility or otherwise harm the interests of Companies

It should be noted that any page content of Websites may be changed or deleted and that URLs are subject to change without prior notice.
Companies are not liable for any disadvantage arising from linking to Websites.

5.Governing law and court of jurisdiction

The construal and operation of Websites and the Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Japan. Unless otherwise specified, for any disputes concerning this site or the content of agreement the Tokyo District Court shall be the agreed court of exclusive jurisdiction.

Social Media Terms of Use

Niseko Distillery Co., Ltd. and its affiliates (“Companies”) have established the following Social Media Terms of Use.
When posting comments, photos, videos, links, and other content on Companies’ social media accounts, users shall comply with these Terms of Use and the terms of use of individual social media service providers.
Companies may change the Terms of Use without prior notice.

1.Important usage information

If a post made on social media accounts operated and managed by Companies (“Official Accounts”) meets any of the following criteria, the post will be deleted also in case of comments, photos, videos, links, or other content posted by a user, and the concerned user’s access and comment posting, etc., on Official Accounts may be blocked.

・Posts not related to Official Accounts

・Posts defaming a third party or infringing on a right of a third party (including portrait rights, copyrights, and other intellectual property rights, etc.)

・Posts whose content is illegal or offensive to public order and morals

・Posts causing other users discomfort

・Posts containing personal information or privacy information

・Uploads of rights-protected software without authorization

・Uploads of files containing computer viruses

・Posts leading to other websites

・Posts soliciting the purchase of goods

・Posts related to political or religious advertising, promotion, or solicitation

Other posts that Companies deem inappropriate for the operations of Official Accounts
Note that Companies are unable to answer questions concerning the system status and technical matters of social media and questions concerning functions and usage of applications provided by third parties.

Companies give no warranty that users’ posts and comments on Official Accounts will be answered. Product inquiries, etc., should be directed to the Customer Relations Office.

Companies give no warranty for the accuracy and completeness of the content, posts, comments, photos, and videos, etc., on Official Accounts.

The content provided by Companies on Official Accounts may be changed, supplemented, deleted, or discontinued without prior notice. The operations of Official Accounts are subject to termination or deletion without prior notice.

Information such as comments, photos, and videos posted by a user on Official Accounts may without notice to the user be published in print or on Websites, etc., for advertising and usage promotion. In such a case, Companies are not obliged to display the user name of the original post.

The rights to comments, photos, and videos, etc., on Official Accounts belong to the rights holder.

2.User obligations and responsibilities

A user shall incur sole legal liability for the user’s posts on Official Accounts. Moreover, a user shall incur sole liability if the user has breached these Terms of Use or the terms of use, etc., established by the social media which provide the services, and shall bear all costs including compensation, etc., for damages caused by such a breach, etc.

Companies shall be exempt from any liability for any action of a user on any page of Official Accounts.

A user shall use the Official Accounts exclusively at the user’s sole risk, and shall use any information obtained by using the Official Accounts at the user’s own discretion and liability. A user shall incur sole liability including liability for damages, etc., arising from the use of the said information.

3.Responsible drinking

Companies consider it their social responsibility to advocate for responsible drinking and to appeal to users also on Official Accounts to drink responsibly.

Therefore, in addition to the items that are subject to deletion stipulated in these Terms of Use and the terms of use of the social media which provide the services, a comment posted by a user that meets or may meet any of the following criteria may be deleted. It should be noted that minors cannot post on Official Accounts.

・In case a person who posted a comment is a minor, or if a person in a posted photo is a minor (or appears to be a minor) and the post is judged inappropriate by Companies
・In case underage drinking is encouraged
・In case excessive alcohol intake or otherwise inappropriate drinking is encouraged
・In case drinking is encouraged while driving a car, operating machinery, or conducting other work requiring concentration.
・In case drinking is encouraged during pregnancy or lactation
・In other cases which Companies deem inappropriate with respect to the operations of Official Accounts

For questions concerning the Terms of Use the following contact is available.

Niseko Distillery Co., Ltd.