February 10th-February 26th Gyokusendo Hammered Copperware Exhibition

Starting from Saturday 10th of February, we will be hosting the ‘Tuiki Copperware Exhibition’ at our distillery.
It will showcase the exceptional skills of Gyokusendo, who designed the entrance sign for our distillery.

You will be able to witness firsthand the art of hammering copper plates and creation of various vessels with precision craftsmanship.

During this period, we have invited craftsmen from Niigata prefecture to showcase their skills.
On certain days, they will be demonstrating the production process of rock cups engraved with Gyokusendo.
they will explain the techniques involved while providing a hands-on experience.

At the bar counter, we will be selling limited-edition glasses with both original and Niseko Distillery logos.

Additionally, we will be serving an original cocktail displaying Ohoro GIN, served in metal vessels from Gyokusendo.

Discover the world of hammered copperware and witness its shine increase with every use.
This remarkable manufacturing has been perfected for over 200 years.

Don’t miss this chance to experience beauty firsthand.

■Gyokusendo Hammered Copperware Exhibition
Date: February 10th, 2024(Sat)-February 26th ,2024(Sun)
Time:10:00 – 17:00(until15:00 on the last day)
Demonstration: February 10th,2024(Sat)-February 12th,2024(Mon)
10:00~16:30(until 12:00 on the 12th)